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Is There a Science Behind Staging a Home?

When did you last tour a home for sale? Was the house neat, tidy, and furnished nicely? Your eyes probably followed every characteristic of the rooms and made a judgment of the whole house based on how they made you feel. Staging a home can drastically change a...

4 Tips for Organizing A Couple’s Closet

Do you daydream about pictures of luxury closets in designer magazines? Some of these upscale spaces are as large as most people’s bedrooms. The average closet can range from 8-10 feet wide, and from 24-30 inches deep, says HGTV.com. Perhaps you have to share a closet...

5 Tips for Moving in Winter

How To Survive Moving in Winter Most people move during the summer months so that their children are on vacation from the school year. Sometimes, however, you’ll either need or want to move during the winter season, which in our area can mean harsh freezing...

Thank You for Your Service

As a token of thanks, Home Guard Inspections offers a 15% discount to active and retired Firefighters, Police Officers, and Armed Service Members.

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