Do you daydream about pictures of luxury closets in designer magazines? Some of these upscale spaces are as large as most people’s bedrooms. The average closet can range from 8-10 feet wide, and from 24-30 inches deep, says Perhaps you have to share a closet with your partner and things are getting a little tight. Before a civil war breaks out over closet space, discover how easy the solution can be by reading our tips below. This makes for an ideal weekend project to check off from your spring-cleaning list. Try these 4 hints for organizing a couple’s closet.

1. Start Organizing A Couple’s Closet With A Blank Canvas

Organizing a couple’s closet is a two-person job. Since two of you must share this space, both of you should help organize it. Designate a weekend to concentrate on your closet. It is always helpful to write down ideas and goals that you have for this essential storage space. Agree that you will purge the clutter without overthinking it.

Start by removing everything from the racks, shelves, and floor, and set it aside. As you sort your things, put them in one of four piles: Keep, Donate, Recycle, Trash. Be determined and do not spend too much time debating on whether to keep something or not.

If you have not worn or used something in six months, get rid of it, or put it in storage if it is out of season. Relocate things that should not be in your closet. Do not waste valuable space on things you do not need. Organizing a couple’s closet may require some compromise.

2. Create A Unique Design

Now that your closet is an empty space, study it carefully. Make simple drawings or take pictures, and you may see potential areas in your closet that you have never considered. Do you have enough shelving, or should you add more (or replace the old ones)? Is there enough hanging space, or should you add another bar? How much lighting is in your space?

As you both study pictures and write notes, share your ideas and observations with each other. Take measurements for any shelving to install. After you decide what you need, you can make a detailed shopping list.

3. Start With Color

Closets are some of the most frequently-used spaces in our homes, yet they are often the most neglected when it comes to decorating. Since you need to take advantage of light in the closet, says SF, consider painting it a bright, neutral color with a satin finish. It will always match your bedroom walls if you re-paint them. Make the work easier by painting the closet ceiling the same color. An inexpensive can of paint is an ideal first step for organizing a couple’s closet.

4. Everything In Its Place

After you cleared the three “get rid of” piles, organize the “Keep” pile and place it back in your closet. A label-maker is an ingenious tool for organizing a couple’s closet. Make neat labels for your shelves and baskets, so you can quickly put each other’s things where they belong. If you prefer, color coordinate your baskets according to ownership.

There are many closet organization kits that are inexpensive and easy to install. Designate the highest rod for hanging shirts, tops, and jackets, and the bottom rod for slacks and shorts. Fold sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans on shelves. Install a simple hanger on the sides of the closet for ties, scarves, and accessories. Consider two shoe racks for your closet: one for the floor and one for the door.

Not every couple has the privilege of owning separate closets in their bedroom. With some determined clutter elimination and creative design, you can have a closet that is efficient and beautiful. This will eliminate the perennial battle for closet space.

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