Many homeowners choose home improvement projects with a combination of goals in mind. These may include boosting property value, enhancing comfort, and improving functionality. From spring to fall, many homeowners regularly complete smaller and larger projects, but their efforts often come to a halt over the cold winter months. Because you may have plenty of free time indoors during the winter, this is a great time to complete a few winter home improvement projects.

Why Winter Home Improvement Projects Are a Smart Idea

During the warmer months of the year, your time and energy may be drawn away from home improvement projects more often. For example, you may be torn between completing an outdoor project in the summer and heading to the with your family.

In the winter, not only are there fewer outdoor activities to tempt you away from the house, but you may be snowed in for days at a time. With proper planning, this is a great time to complete some indoor winter home improvement projects.

1. Replace Worn Out Flooring

Your flooring makes a bold statement about your home’s condition and style. When you prepare to sell your home in the future, old flooring can affect the value and appeal of your home.

Replacing worn and stained flooring with a new and upgraded material is an excellent idea. If you lack the skills to complete the entire project on your own, you can remove existing flooring yourself and hire a professional to complete the installation work for you.

2. Upgrade Hardware and Fixtures

Your home’s doorknobs, faucets, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, and other accent pieces play a major role in style and appeal. If you have not replaced these features for many years, they likely are creating a dated feel in your home. Replacing them is usually a simple task, but only install light fixtures yourself if you have electrical experience. Because you may have many updates to make, a smart idea is to tackle one room at a time.

3. Freshen Up the Paint

Over time, paint on your walls, trim, cabinets, and other pieces can dull and wear off. It may lose its luster, peel, or flake in some areas, and become stained as it ages. You can refresh your home’s appearance with a new coat of paint on all surfaces. For greater impact, change the color scheme in your home. To complete the new look, add fresh furnishings and accent pieces to your décor.

4. Complete a Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

If you have more time and money available for winter home improvement projects, completing a minor facelift or a total renovation in your kitchen and bathrooms is an excellent idea. These rooms show the home’s age more easily than other rooms because so many of the features are built into the room and used daily.

In fact, your kitchen and bathrooms may have the original pieces from when the home was constructed. When these projects are completed strategically, most of the cost can be recouped through a property value increase.

Completing winter home improvement projects is a great way to stay active and be productive throughout the cold weather season. It also can help you to improve property value and add functionality. Begin planning your next home improvement project today.

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