There are many tasks to handle before, during, and after a move. Some of these tasks you can tackle ahead of time to make the transition a little less stressful. Start the process of updating your mailing address as soon as you know your moving date. Here is a list of people and places to notify of your change of address.

1. Update the IRS with Your New Address

Let the Internal Revenue Service know of your change of address. Use Form 8822 to update your information with them. You can also use a PO Box if that is the only place you will be receiving mail. The IRS has several processing centers around the US, so check their website to know the correct place to submit your form. Where you send the form depends upon your old location, not the new address.

2. Financial Institutions and Lenders Will Need to Know of Your Change of Address

You likely have credit card companies, lenders, portfolio holders, and banks to notify before you move. The good news is, many of them will allow you to make the change online. To streamline the process, gather all your website addresses, account numbers, user names, and passwords.

3. Utility Companies

Update your information with the utility companies before moving day. Contact your current providers and let them know what day you want to end the services. Provide the address where they can send the final bill. Some utilities offer paperless transactions, so it might be easier to have them email you the closing statement.

Find out who your utility service providers are at your new home and set up an account and connection dates. If you are a new customer, they might require a deposit until you become established. If this is the case, find out if they are a sister company of the utilities that you already use and they may be willing to waive the deposit.

4. Update Your Doctor and Dentist With Your Change of Address

Even if you don’t have an established doctor at your new location, contact your current office to find out their procedure for transferring files. You might need to physically collect them, or the office may send them to your new clinic with a signed release. Also, notify your pharmacy, dentist, chiropractor, and veterinarian of your change of address.

5. Change Your Address With Employers and Schools

Your employers will want your new mailing address so they can forward your tax statements. If you are leaving your job, check with your Human Resource department for any exit paperwork you may need to complete.

To change addresses at a school, contact the administration office. If you know what school you will be transferred to, offer that information to them. Depending on the state and school’s procedure, they may send the transcript directly to the new school, or they may provide paperwork for you to deliver to the new administration.

6. The US Postal Service

The post office has made it easy to put in for a change of address online. Another option is to stop into any post office and pick up a change of address packet. The packet is handy because it is filled with other moving tips and reminders of tasks to complete before the move.

7. Notify Friends and Family of Your Change of Address

A quick and easy way to take care of friends and family is to send a bulk email. You don’t need to share everyone’s email addresses. Use the “blind” mode for recipients, which is usually the last address line labeled BCC.

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