Babyproof Your Home for Child Safety

If you are welcoming a new member to the family, you probably know that your home needs some adjustments. While you may have already set up and babyproofed the nursery, there are other things to do to keep your baby safe throughout the home. Take these four steps to improve safety and babyproof your home.

1. Cover Electrical Outlets

Babies are curious and will try to touch and grab anything within reach, including dangerous places like electrical outlets. Before bringing your baby home, add an outlet cover to every electrical outlet in your home. For outlets that aren’t used often, install a locking socket protector that comes with a key.

2. Anchor Large Objects to the Wall

While you won’t have to worry about a new baby crawling for a while, it’s best to go ahead and babyproof your home for all of the stages of childhood. For crawling and walking children, this includes anchoring large furniture to the wall so they won’t accidentally pull heavy furniture on top of them. Bookshelves, dressers, armoires, large TVs, and other hazards should be secured in place.

3. Switch Out Your Blinds to Babyproof Your Home

Blinds with cords are known to be a strangulation risk for small children. Fortunately, you’ll find cordless blinds at any home improvement store, and installing them is an easy DIY task for most homeowners. By choosing cordless blinds or curtains, you protect your children and prevent annoying tangles.

4. Cover Sharp Edges

As babies are learning to crawl and toddlers are learning to walk, they will fall often. It is impossible to prevent kids from bumping into objects around the home, which is why it is important for sharp edges to be covered. Edge protectors are made specifically for babyproofing your home and should be put on any sharp edges and corners you can find. Get down at a child’s level and inspect your house to determine how many to buy.

These are just a few of the many ways to babyproof your home. Once you bring your baby home, you won’t have time to complete these upgrades, so get your home ready now.

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