Pets are great companions, but keeping a clean home with indoor pets can be challenging, especially with furry friends like dogs and cats. These eight simple tricks and cleaning tips for pet owners make it easier to maintain a tidy home.

1. Cleaning Tips Include Making a DIY Fur Remover

If your pet likes to cuddle with you on the furniture, this do-it-yourself trick works better than a vacuum cleaner. Wrap duct tape, sticky side out, around a paint roller cover and use this tool to remove dog and cat hair from furniture.

2. Use Enzyme Products on Pet Stains

Enzyme cleaners are great for removing pet odors and stains, so be sure to keep them on hand for any accidents. These products contain harmless bacteria to destroy the organic matter that causes stains and odors. Use enzyme cleaners on carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.

3. Use Washable Throws to Make Cleaning Easier

Scatter washable throw-blankets over beds and soft furniture to cut down on muddy paw prints, fur, and dirt. This simple solution reduces the amount of fur and helps keep furniture cleaner. When the throws get dirty, toss them in the wash.

4. Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners Include New Technology

A robotic vacuum cleaner is helpful technology for pet owners. The Roomba and similar robotic vacs work better than ever and are becoming more affordable. Sit back and let a robotic vacuum cleaner sweep up pet hair for you. Some pets even find the robot less frightening than the regular vacuum cleaner.

5. Pet Repellent for Furniture

Do you have a certain sofa or chair that is an absolute no-no for pets? Use plastic carpet protectors with the prickly side up to discourage them from jumping on the furniture. Cut the protectors to size with a utility knife. The plastic teeth are uncomfortable and pets will look for cozier places to curl up. Remove the covers after pets have learned to associate those pieces of furniture with discomfort.

6. Neutralize Odors with Baking Soda While Cleaning

A home with pets can be clean yet still smell unpleasant. Keeping baking soda on hand to remove the odors is one of the best cleaning tips for homeowners. Sprinkle a generous amount on upholstered furniture, rugs, and carpets and let it sit for about 20 minutes before vacuuming. Toss a half-cup in the wash when laundering your pet’s bedding.

7. Create a No-Mess Litter Box

Cats are naturally fastidious animals, but pet owners with cats need to address the litter box. Try making a litter box out of a large plastic storage bin. Use a razor knife to cut an opening in one end. Pour in litter and put on the lid. The litter will stay neatly inside. Use a plastic bag for a liner and changing the litter will be much easier.

8. Invest in an Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

Pet food dispensers keep your pet’s feeding area neat and tidy. Many of them hold up to 20 pounds of food for easy dispensing right into the dish. No more spilled dog or cat food on the floor.

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