How To Survive Moving in Winter

Most people move during the summer months so that their children are on vacation from the school year. Sometimes, however, you’ll either need or want to move during the winter season, which in our area can mean harsh freezing temperatures and even blizzards. We’ve written up some tips to make moving in winter easier on you and your family—including its four-legged members.

1. Make Sure You Have Easy Access to Winter Items

Designate particular boxes or storage containers for your winter gear, and make sure that these boxes are clearly labeled and accessible. You’ll definitely want to pack salt in your “essentials” kit so that you can melt the ice and help ensure that the moving team—and your loved ones—don’t slip when making their way up to the door of your new home.

2. Don’t Bring Your Pet with You During the Move Itself

This is a good tip for all seasons, but especially when you are moving in winter. See if you can board your pets or have them stay with someone who is responsible and has the means to care for them. Pets can get lost during moves, because they are easily frightened in vehicles, amidst chaos, and when in unfamiliar surroundings. When you’re moving in and out, a lot of doors are going to be left open, which means that pets will be able to escape if not properly cared for. Pets lost when it’s freezing outside are in more danger than most. Why add this to your list of moving day worries? You can always move your pets later on and give them the attention they need and deserve.

3. Think “Layers” When Dressing for the Day

Your heaviest winter coat may be necessary for some parts of the move, but you may find yourself too warm and with restricted movement once you start picking up boxes. You’ll probably want to shed a layer or two after you’ve climbed up and down a few flights of stairs, and then put them back on when it’s time to venture outside again.

4. Pay Attention to the Weather

…and start doing so in advance of your move. You’ll likely need to be flexible about possible moving days during the height of winter; a blizzard on moving day will throw everything off.

5. Plan Multiple Routes

Map out several travel routes beforehand in case roads happen to be covered with ice, are too slick to travel on safely, or haven’t been cleared. Moving during the winter is all about having backup plans so your move goes as smoothly as possible!

Moving usually means you are buying or selling a home, so don’t forget to perform your due diligence with a Pre-Purchase Residential Inspection or a Pre-Listing Inspection. Home Guard Inspections provides the Bismarck-Mandan area with comprehensive inspections so that you can have peace of mind that you are moving into the right home for you. Contact us today with questions or click here to request your inspection online!