As a homeowner, you are often working on home improvements and maintenance projects. When choosing areas to repair, don’t overlook your electrical system. Even a small electrical issue can turn into a serious problem in your home. Electrical problems can lead to property damage and even house fires. Here are a few signs of electrical problems in the home.

Flickering Lights are a Sign of Electrical Problems

If you notice that your lights are flickering or dimming, this may mean that you have a loose connection in your electrical system. You may also notice light bulbs suddenly becoming brighter or burning out quickly. Fluctuations are a sign of an electrical problem. Call a professional to examine the system and replace or upgrade the wiring.

An Odd Smell

Occasionally new appliances emit an unusual smell when they are first put into use. The smell should not occur after using the appliance a few times. However, if an electrical outlet has a burning or melting smell, stop using the outlet immediately. This indicates an issue that should be dealt with by a professional electrician.

Outlets That are Warm to the Touch

It is not unusual for an appliance to generate heat when it is in use. However, If your outlets overheat even when they’re not in use, this is a sign of improper wiring. Unplug any cords that are plugged into the outlet and call a licensed professional to troubleshoot the issue. If you notice a light switch that is warm to the touch, turn off the switch and don’t use it until the issue is fixed.

Circuit Overload

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when a circuit becomes overloaded. This is a safety feature that keeps circuit wires from heating to a dangerous level when they can’t handle an excess load. If there is a circuit in your home that trips regularly, hire a professional to assess the condition of your electrical system and install a new circuit, if needed.

Noisy Outlets can be a Sign of Electrical Problems in the Home

Power outlets and light switches should operate silently. A buzzing sound when you flip a switch on could be a sign of an electrical problem in the home. There may be faulty wiring or a loose connection within the outlet. If noises like crackling, humming, or buzzing sound from your electrical system, turn the power off and contact a professional to determine the problem.

Electrical problems in the home can cause damage to electrical components, property damage, or even a house fire. Keep your home safe by calling a licensed professional at the first sign of an electrical issue. Hire a home inspector for regular maintenance inspections to catch any problems before they become a threat to your home and family.

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