A new construction home is expected to be in excellent condition. It has new materials and no wear and tear from previous residents. However, a new home could have defects related to low-quality or defective materials, rushed contractor work, or human error. Your builder’s warranty is in place to provide coverage for issues related to these problems. Homeowners should request a builder’s warranty inspection to ensure their new home was built well and with quality materials.

Learn More About a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Just as you would order a home inspection on an older home before finalizing your purchase, you should also request a builder’s warranty inspection on a new home. This inspection is designed to identify issues with the home that may be covered by your builder’s warranty. Here are some of the reasons why to order this type of home inspection.

Act Before Your Warranty Expires

A builder’s warranty gives you peace of mind and protection that defects related to construction processes or materials will be repaired at no cost to you. Not all defects may be identified by you within the warranty period. However, once the warranty period expires, these problems become your responsibility.

Through a builder’s warranty inspection, your inspector will identify minor or more serious issues that would otherwise go unnoticed until after the warranty period has lapsed.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Your builder’s warranty provides you with a financial benefit. The warranty pays for repairs costs for covered defects and other issues. You must file a claim within the warranty period in order to take advantage of your coverage.

Request a builder’s warranty inspection to avoid putting yourself in a situation where you’re responsible for these repair costs. An inspection gives you property information to help maximize your warranty benefits and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Request a Builder’s Warranty Inspection to Enjoy Peace of Mind

Order a warranty inspection so that your confidence in the quality of your home is based on facts. This peace of mind can lead to greater satisfaction with your purchase and you effectively manage your home-related finances with confidence.

Avoid Future Stress

Some construction-related defects go unnoticed until you attempt to sell your home. A buyer typically orders a home inspection. The home inspector might discover defects that should have been addressed through a warranty claim years before.

These issues may be significant, such as defects related to the foundation or electrical system. Such problems can prevent you from selling your home easily and any potential buyer will likely require you to pay for these repairs during negotiations.

Requesting a builder’s warranty inspection is optional and is often overlooked by new homeowners. This inspection has a nominal cost compared to the money and stress that it will save. Order this inspection well before your warranty expires to take full advantage of the builder’s warranty on your new home.

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