Fall home improvement projects help prepare the house for colder winter weather. Upgrades made during this season keep us comfortable and reduce energy bills. Here are 3 areas to focus on during autumn.

Improving Your Roof is Essential

This is one of the most popular fall home improvement projects for good reason. Enhancing the roof can not only make the home more visually pleasing, but it also protects your home during the coldest months of the year. The roof is the first defense against rain or snow. If your roof is not in optimal condition during fall, it should be reinforced or replaced.

Have an expert check the condition of your roof to make sure you don’t miss any areas that could cause problems later on. The roof’s size, materials, and the amount of work needed will determine the cost of the work.

Benefits of Fixing and Upgrading your Windows

Upgrading your windows is one of the best ways to stay comfortable and keep energy costs down during winter. New windows also provide a hefty ROI of 70-80%. Choose windows that are ENERGY STAR certified for your area.

Poorly insulated windows allow arm air to leak out of the house and let cold drafts inside. This makes maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home more difficult and affects energy efficiency. Warped and distorted windows can increase energy costs during the winter by 25% or more.

Fall Home Improvement Projects for the Heating System

Another effective fall home improvement project is to service your heating system. Make sure furnaces and HVAC systems are in good working condition by having them serviced by a professional. Your older furnace could be up to 45% less efficient than newer models and using more energy to maintain the same level of comfort. Fall is a good time to update your heating system if it is in your budget.

Make minor adjustments like replacing your air filters regularly. As dirt and dust accumulate, your unit will work harder to maintain proper ventilation. If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, leaves, branches and other forms of debris can prevent proper airflow. Install a plastic cover over the unit to protect it during winter.

If your home has a fireplace, hire a professional to inspect the chimney and have it properly cleaned before lighting your first fire of the season. Stock up on seasoned firewood and make sure the damper is working correctly.

Why Fall Home Improvement Projects Make Sense

Complete these fall home improvement projects so that you’re prepared for the rest of the year. As fall turns to winter, you’ll appreciate all the upgrades you’ve made to your home. Whether your aim is to increase comfort or efficiency, you will reap many benefits.

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